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A picture can say a thousand words; whether it is your child’s first steps, the moment you said ‘I do’, an amazing holiday you took, a milestone birthday… whatever the occasion, we love your photos as much as you do!

Based in Wellington, My-books is a division of In early 2009, a small and passionate team started implementing the idea to help fellow kiwis create personalised photo products like photo books and photo calendars, in the easiest and affordable way possible.
Using My-books free software, we are thrilled that we get to help our customers turn their memories into lasting creations that can be relived over and over again.
We’re quite the raving fans about our free software and rightly so, it provides no limit to your imagination and creativity!
If you have time up your sleeve allow yourself to get lost in your project and customise every detail, if you are working on a tight time frame let our Autoflow tool do it all for you… it’s that easy.
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Meet the My-books Team

Our aim is simple; to provide customers with an experience they won’t forget or regret. From our superior software, our happy and friendly customer service team, or the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you see your memories come to life, we pride ourselves on who we are and what we stand for.



Also known as Big L, he is a focused and eternally motivating member of the My-books team. His greatest passion in his job is to inspire his staff to deliver innovative solutions to their customers.
He has a wicked sense of humour that always keeps us amused, provided he’s actually in the office and not out fishing!
Likes: Fishing and Astrophysics Dislikes: People who waste his time Favourite memory: Angela Lane getting employed



You will hear Ang coming before you see her, she is bright and bubbly and always a lifting character in our office. Her determination and dedication to My-books is an inspiration to us all.She is currently studying an MBA part-time at Victoria University so isn’t often in the office!
Likes: Her Job, art, D.I.Y & her two beautiful nephews. She also LOVES coffee. Dislikes: Cheese, cooking and housework. Favourite memory: Christmas as a child and having the entire family together.



We love Lucy, she is the one giving your creations the TLC they deserve before we say goodbye and send them to their new owner.
Lucy‘s never say no attitude and her very fine attention to detail makes her an asset to the My-books team.
Likes: Coffee, online shopping, sleep-ins. Dislikes: Manikins because they scare her. Favourite memory: Skinny dipping in the Hot Pools in Japan.



Gary is in charge of making your memories come to life. He is also who we like to call Mr Fix it. If we have a mechanical problem, Gary is our man.
He is quick and efficient, and he has a couple of good jokes up his sleeve too! Just a tip…don’t get him started about cars!
Likes: Pavlova, winning squash, American cars. Dislikes: Loosing squash, the low crutch pants that are currently in style. Favourite memory: Seeing my son being born, it was an incredible experience!



Meet our lovely coffee lady Gayle-Anne Traill, owner of Storm Coffee.
She arrives early afternoon and we all rush out the door to get our coffee fix. Chocolate Fish Friday is our favourite, closely followed by Jet Plane Monday. If our bums start getting bigger we know who to blame!
Likes: Fresh coffee beans, the satisfying feeling of creating the perfect brew. Dislikes: Cold water, plastic cups, instant coffee. Favourite memory: Occurs daily when I see my friends’ eyes light up after a sip of my coffee.